Nikon D3200 Review – Designed for Beginners!

The Nikon D3200 is a DSLR camera that is primarily created for aspiring hobby photographers at entry level. With amazing pictures over-flowing with richness on social media sites, the hidden talent of photography in people has surfaced. To nurture this element of creativity, the Nikon series promptly offered D3200. It’s one of the best DSLR cameras in India for anyone on a budget, as it’s being offered for only around the Rs 30,000 mark.

Technical Features

The features that has been alluring the customers is the availability of the advanced DSLR features at a low budget with a few exceptional professional settings in the camera. Let’s look at what this Nikon series has to offer.

  1. 2 MP camera- The picture quality is going to be sharp and precise with no noise.
  2. 18-55 mm VR Kit lens- For a beginner, this lens is very useful.
  3. Expeed 3 Image Processing
  4. ISO sensitivity is of the range 100-6400
  5. EN-El 14 rechargeable Li-ion battery

A Perfect DSLR for Hobbyists

Budget and attractive features at such a low price makes it one of the best DSLR cameras under 30,000. Though a few features are limiting, for an entry-level hobbyist, the world is an oyster and the camera has the eye for the pearl.

Detailed Discussion of the D3200

There are many cameras in the market that provides better quality and more modes and features in the Nikon series like the Nikon D5300 and the Nikon D3300. But they are either more expensive or not as easy to use, which a beginner photographer or photography enthusiast would prefer.

Also, unlike the D3200’s successor with the XPEED 3 processor, the images this DSLR take might have a little noise for from a professional photography viewpoint. But it is great for starting out as an amateur all the same.

Ease of Use

As an entry-level photographer, the technicalities, the manual mode, the frequency range, the exposure bracketing; all of these seem like an alien language. Hence the camera comes with a guide mode i.e it is automatically set to Auto focus Mode where it helps the photographer to set according scene and captures the image.

It has got a user-friendly interface and structured layouts. This will take a lot of challenge out of taking great images and videos for a beginner.

Strongly Built

This camera can easily survive the varying weather conditions, including a light drizzle and the heat of the summer. The camera quality is not compromised and neither is the image quality.

Image Quality

With a 24.2 MP camera, the images are captured with greater quality and precision. This feature is available in many standard versions of Nikon as well. But at this price point, owning a camera with a professional capture is a huge bonus.

NO flip Display

This might be an advantage to a beginner because you need not have to flip between the different modes of autofocus and manual modes often. The guide mode in manual focus guides you to capture the crisp pictures and you can hand it over to a kid to use the camera without fussing over the changed camera settings.


Missing Attractive features

Panorama mode is not inculcated. Black and white mode is absent as well which is a disappointment as playing with pictures with this mode gives a sophisticated look to the image.

Zoom in and you will lose

If you need Zoom-in focus, the depth of the quality is not so good; hence is a bad choice to capture photos in this mode.

Exposure bracketing is absent as well.


Battery life is a disappointment as it goes shut if more than 200 photos are clicked. The mode in which you use the camera matters the most here.

Video mode is not motivating

Video stabilization is required for a longer time and then the videos can be taken without much noise.


The 18-55mm lens kit is quite a limiting feature, but you can always invest a bit more in a new set of lenses that helps in better capturing of the image

Eye-piece size

The size of the eye piece is kind of short and there were people complaining that sometimes the nose touches the LCD screen. So, the bigger personality buyers, check that as well.

ISO range

With a greater ISO range, the picture quality reduces, and the noise is evident as well. Here at 6400 ISO range is not favorable.

Dealing with the Cons

Buy an extra lens of greater mm for a professional approach. You can invest in an external flash to combat the reflections and bad quality pictures.

You can always use the post processing to tweak the quality of the images if captured in the RAW mode.

A Wrap Up

This camera is best suited for entry level beginners, as it gives amazing picture quality in low light, good battery life and comes in a durable body. Various picture editing effects such as trimming, selective colors and miniature effects can make the journey of creative photography worthwhile.

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