The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best DSLR Camera in India

While mirrorless cameras have been giving a tough competition to their DSLR counterparts recently, the latter are still quite popular among professional and beginner photographers alike.

If you’re looking to get into the world of professional photography and budget is not too big of a constraint for you, then read on as we help you pick the best DSLR camera in India for your needs.

Best DSLR Cameras in India Reviewed

After going through hundreds of DSLRs, we narrowed down on the 5 best DSLR cameras for you. We have considered a variety of factors and different criteria when choosing these DSLRs.

We suggest that you go through all the reviews carefully and pick the one that fits into your needs and requirements, as well as meets your budget. However, try to not make budget the biggest consideration since if you’re aiming to become a professional photographer the last thing you would want to do is limit your growth due to a subpar DSLR camera.

Nikon D850

It’s not the DSLR to buy for beginners. It’s very rare that we would introduce a “best” DSLR by saying this, but it does hold true with the Nikon D850.

It’s one of the most advanced DSLRs out there, with lots of nifty functionalities and advanced or rather slightly complex navigation. Nothing to worry about for the pros though.

There are definitely some stand-out features which include an impressively fast and accurate focus system, glow in the dark buttons, and a large and excellent megapixel system, especially if you use FX lens.

The low light performance is probably as good as it can get. It’s right at the top with some of the much more expensive DSLRs out there, including the Canon ones. The images come out with perfect colour saturation and details even in serious low light conditions.

With a good lens like the Nikon AF-S Nikkor 50mm and some DX lenses, it will capture image details like no other DSLR in this price range. The ISO range is large and allows for a very flexible operation.

The resolution leaves nothing to be desired as well. You would also not find absolutely any noise whatsoever at least up to 3200 ISO. Even beyond that the noise is minimal and barely noticeable in most cases.

Best DSLR Camera in India


Coming to the video quality, it offers 2160p HD video recording. While there are some options that offer 4K UHD recording at similar price points, you do have to make a fair bit of compromise on the image quality front with them.

The ergonomics are great and it’s going to be a treat to hold in your hands. It’s also very sturdy and weather-sealed.

Just get a battery grip, the DSTE EN-EL 18 Nikon D5 battery, and of course, the right lens, and you will have an indispensable DSLR system.

Finally, we believe that it’s worth a mention that the price for Nikon D850 seems to be the cheapest you can get it for at this point. A few users pointed out that this same DSLR is being sold nowhere under 2,40,000 rupees. So you definitely seem to be getting a great deal at Amazon.


  • Super advanced with tons of features and detailed menus
  • Lots of special effect modes that make shooting in complex conditions easier
  • Amazing low light performance
  • Large ISO range and a solid 45.7MP sensor
  • Incredible resolution and pretty much no noise with great colour saturation
  • 120fps flow-motion shooting
  • Made in Japan


  • It could have been like beyond perfect if it offered 4K video recording, though its 2160p HD doesn’t leave a lot to be desired either

Canon EOS 6D Mark II

How can a best DSLR camera list ever be complete with a Canon? Well, the Canon EOS 6D Mark II is what we have chosen as our best Canon DSLR too.

However, let us tell you right off the bat that it’s actually much cheaper than the Nikon D850 we reviewed above. This is simply because you’re getting a lens too and it’s not a body-only product.

And boy are the lens amazing compared to the kind you usually get with a DSLR! Unless you have some very specific use which requires some different lens, you will find that this lens is good enough for most purposes.

It offers incredible flexibility and you can shoot at any focal length with absolutely no compromise on the image quality at all.

Best Canon DSLR Camera in India



The overall system with the body and lens would seem on the heavier side, though in a good way. And that’s because the build quality is solid and the grip is very good.

The touchscreen is responsive and makes the navigation easy and smooth. It would take some time to get used to all the functionalities though, but it’s definitely more beginner-friendly than the much more advanced Nikon D850 above.

The image quality is excellent. The images come out crisp, clean, and with great colour saturation. There’s barely any loss of quality in low light conditions too, though it may need a bit of editing in some specific cases.

The video quality could have been better at this price point, or at least that’s what you would think at the surface level. However, it’s actually better than some of the other options in this price range that offer 4K recording but have codec and other issues.

The videos come out great at different settings too, including 24, 30, and 60 fps. If you find any lag issues in any area of the camera’s performance, getting the 70 MBps plus UHS 1 card for burst would solve it like magic.

It also offers higher frames per second and a batter battery life than many other options in its price range. Overall, you’re getting the best full frame gear here at a very good price.


  • Best full frame option at this price point
  • Comes with incredible lens – great flexibility and performance
  • The 26.2MP full-frame CMOS sensor takes great images with no noise
  • The 6.5fps continuous shooting is super impressive
  • Responsive touchscreen makes things easier for beginners
  • The 1080p video recording is actually better than 4K recording of some comparable options
  • Solid build quality
  • Excellent battery life
  • Different connection options in Wi-Fi, GPS, and NFC
  • Country of origin is Japan


  • Maybe the lack of a higher resolution video recording if we were to nitpick

Canon EOS 90D

The Canon EOS 90D has to be the best DSLR camera under 1.5 lakh rupees in India. In fact, it has the best in class autofocus system, and it’s going to greatly add to the overall performance for both the beginners and the pros.

Talking about the beginners, the ease of use offered by the EOS 90D is amazing. The ability to control where the settings can be accessed is a very unique functionality. You can choose to access it from the touch screen, the LCD screen, the control wheels, and so on.

The ergonomics are impressively designed too. It wouldn’t take much effort to get a great grip. It would surely make the camera’s “on-the-go” performance better.

As far as the image quality is concerned, the powerful 32.5 MP CMOS sensor leaves absolutely nothing to be desired. The images not only come out clean and sharp, but also rich in colour and perfectly detailed. In fact, the lens ability to catch the smallest of details would blow you away.

The 18-135 is probably as good as it can get at this price point. There’s no issue with the accuracy or the speed whatsoever, no matter the ISO range or the shutter speed.

The stabilization is pretty good too. And that’s not just for the beginners again. It would surely help the professional photographers get much better moving shots too.

But the surprisingly powerful, fast, and accurate autofocus is the absolute highlight of the EOS 90D. It works amazingly well even when shooting at a very far distance.

Coming to the video quality, 4K at this price point is an absolute delight as well. And don’t mistake it for the kind of 4K some of the other cheaper DSLRs come with, which is mostly only for namesake.

The EOS 90D offers real 4K recording, and also the ability to compress your 4K videos into FHD when transferring them.

All in all, we truly believe you would be hard-pressed to find a better DSLR under 1.5 lakh than the Canon EOS 90D. There’s very little to not like about it (covered in the cons below), and it’s mostly a perfect package of very impressive functionalities and solid performance.


  • Powerful 32.5 MP CMOS sensor is amazing at capturing the smallest of details
  • The fast and accurate autofocus is best in class, and works amazingly well even at large distances
  • Very easy to use and beginner-friendly with great ergonomics
  • Comes with the 18-135 lens that is as good as it can get in this price range
  • 4K video recording is impressive with compression option as well during transfer
  • Solid, durable body with weather-sealing capability


  • The low light performance at high ISO can be a bit disappointing in some cases

Nikon D7500

The Nikon D7500 has to be the best Nikon DSLR under 1 lakh rupees in India. It offers a rather rare combination of excellent ease of use and superior performance in a weather-sealed, premium body.

The NIKKOR 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR lens leave nothing to be desired as well, especially if you consider the price point. The images that can take with this lens using the right settings would leave you amazed.

Right from the details to the colour saturation, everything is surprisingly perfect. The low light performance is surprisingly good too at this price point.

However, it’s again the autofocus that seems to be the biggest highlight of this DSLR too. It’s fast, it’s sharp, and it works amazingly well at high ISO. The low light high ISO performance turns out to be great too.

Coming to the video quality, we weren’t really expecting real 4K video recording at this price point, but you do get that with the D7500. It also makes it very easy for you to transfer your data as it offers both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for connectivity.

The 20.9 MP CMOS sensor might seem underwhelming but it’s actually surprisingly powerful. You would rarely ever see a compromise in the image quality no matter the shooting conditions.

All in all, the Nikon D7500 would turn out to be a great upgrade for beginners. It’s super easy to use yet offers all the features and functionalities you need to transition into a professional photographer.


  • Best Nikon DSLR under 1 lakh
  • Fast and sharp autofocus that performs great at high ISO too
  • Low light performance is also surprisingly good
  • Real 4K video recording at 30 fps
  • Takes perfect images with great colour saturation and details
  • Comes in a weather-sealed, premium-feel body


  • Not much else you can ask for at this price point really

Nikon D5600

This is the cheapest DSLR camera on the list. But a perfect option for absolute DSLR beginners. Moreover, it also comes with a good few important accessories, that makes it even more value for money.

It’s the perfect combination of functionality and beginner-friendliness. The lens is not only good enough for pretty much all of your needs, but setting it all up is also a very simple task. In fact, the 70 – 300mm kit lens is probably as good as it can get for a beginner at this price point.

The SnapBridge app might take a bit more time to get familiar with, but nothing to be worried about. The sensor is your usual CMOS 24.2 MP.

The D5600 comes with many shooting modes. They not only make life easier for a beginner but also open up the vast world of DSLR photography to them. Some of the shooting modes are really impressive too.

Then there are as many as 39 autofocus points. Again, this greatly adds to the overall user-friendliness. You can take some amazing shots with the D5600 right out of the box.

The LCD screen is very flexible with 180-degree tilting functionality. You can easily get great angles using it, and it also makes for some excellent selfie pictures.

Despite being a beginner’s DSLR, it manages to offer surprisingly low noise on long exposures. And this right here is going to be a great advantage as you work towards progressing in your photography journey.

The battery backup is also not disappointing. The body, while lighter in weight than comparable DSLRs, is built very well.

Finally, it records videos in full HD but don’t expect world-class video recording, especially in low light conditions.


  • It’s probably the best DSLR camera under 1 lakh rupees in India, especially for beginners
  • Comes with a lot of useful accessories, including the 70-300mm lens that makes it even more valuable
  • A wide range of shooting modes that are very useful for beginners
  • 39 autofocus points helps in capturing images with perfect sharpness
  • Flexible LCD screen that tilts 180 degrees and makes for amazing angles and beautiful selfies
  • Low noise, especially on long exposures
  • Good battery backup
  • Full HD video recording


  • While the autofocus works great when taking images, it isn’t as good when being used for video recording
  • The upper end of the ISO range is 25600, but this shouldn’t bother most beginners

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best DSLR Camera in India

Just like clothing, there’s no one size fits all in cameras too. Everybody is at a different stage in their photography journey, so their needs tend to be very different.

However, since you’re looking for the best DSLR cameras in India, we assume most of you may be professionals. You may be looking for a professional DSLR that offers advanced functionalities and covers all the technical bases.

So with that in mind, here are some factors we would recommend you to keep in mind when choosing your DSLR from our list above.

Quality of the Sensor

When it comes to the image quality and the ability of your DSLR to take consistently good images in all kinds of conditions, there’s nothing as important as your DSLR’s sensor. It needs to be large and powerful.

The CMOS sensors usually don’t disappoint, but you sometimes need to look beyond that. The size, as we said above, is of paramount importance.

The larger the surface area of your DSLR’s sensors, the more details it’s going to capture when you take a picture. It’s as simple as that.

And of course, the more details it captures, the better your image quality will turn out to be. This is especially noticeable in not-so-favourable conditions like low night conditions or when there are contrasting elements in the picture or when the natural brightness of the surrounding is on the higher side.

In all these conditions, a weaker, smaller sensor may not be able to capture enough details to deliver a great image. In addition, if the brightness is too much, it may cover certain areas of your sensor if it’s too small. This will eventually lead to a poor colour balance or saturation.

So make sure your sensor is at least of a respectable size and also comes with a fair bit of power to handle difficult shooting conditions.

Advanced Functionalities

There are certain specific features that you would care more about if you’re a professional photographer. Things like ISO range and manual mode may mean nothing to an absolute beginner, but they may matter a lot for professional photographers.

However, there’s nothing set in stone here. The manual mode performance or the ISO range, and how your DSLR performs at specific ISO settings can all be relative to the person using it.

But you would still want to make sure your DSLR can deliver good results at low ISO. That’s something where some, especially low-end DSLRs, struggle quite a bit.

That said, the price point would obviously make things vary a lot here. For example, if you’re only looking for the best DSLR cameras under 50,000, then you shouldn’t expect a lot in terms of advanced features and functions.


We just talked about a couple things that would matter more to professionals. But if you’re a beginner to the world of DSLR photographer, your preferences would be very different.

A fast, accurate autofocus will make your life easier. And so will be a reliable auto mode or similar functionalities.

The overall user-friendliness, of course, would matter a lot. A beginner can get easily overwhelmed if they are faced with all the advanced functionalities and complicated menus and settings.

But a lot of DSLRs are known for their simplicity and their ability to allow beginners to take great images and videos as well. Sure, a beginner may not always be able to get the best performance out of their DSLR, but a beginner-friendly DSLR will let them take great images with ease without having to mess around with complicated settings.

Video Recording

There used to be a time when the video recording didn’t used to be as much of an important factor. But that’s certainly no longer the case.

In fact, some users consider the ability to shoot 1080p videos a must-have factor in a DSLR. Thankfully, not many DSLRs disappoint here, especially unless you’re looking at the best DSLR cameras under 30,000 rupees. High quality video recording can get really hard to come by as you go below the 50,000-rupee price range.

But as long as budget is not a big issue, you can easily find a DSLR that offers 1080p video recording. In fact, some do go a little lower at 720p HD video recording, but for a lot of users that’s going to work out well too.

Quality of the Lens

This is certainly not the least important factor just because we have put it at the end of our list. We wanted to make this clear right off the bat.

The only reason you don’t see it appear at the top of the list of important factors is that some people may just prefer to buy a body-only version of a DSLR and then get the lens they want.

This will certainly not be the case for most beginners though. And most of the DSLRs out there, including the ones we covered above, come with a ‘kits’ lens when you order them from Amazon.

The quality of the kits lens is usually good and they are built to last. The performance can of course vary depending on the price range you go for, but they generally don’t disappoint as a ‘kits’ lens.

Just make sure your DSLR’s lens is not too slow and it boasts a good maximum aperture range and you will be set here, especially as a beginner.

Other Factors

There are some other factors too that may be not as important as the ones explained above, but should be considered all the same. Some of them include the battery life, the build quality of the DSLR, whether the LCD screen is tiltable or not, and more.

Some of these factors could be more important than the others depending on your specific use cases and preferences.

So go ahead and pick one of the best DSLR cameras in India reviewed above and begin your journey into the world of professional DSLR photography.

Have You Picked Your Best DSLR Camera?

It took hours and hours of work to dig through hundreds of DSLRs, find the best ones, compare them on different factors to place them at the right spots on the best DSLR cameras list, and then finally write detailed yet easy-to-understand reviews.

But we really hope all our hard work must have paid off if it could help you choose the perfect DSLR for you from the ones we reviewed above.

Should you have any questions though, don’t hesitate to ask away in the comments below.