How to Wash Shoes In Your Washing Machine?

With footwear undergoing huge metamorphosis, the collection of each individual has also increased manifolds. It is nice enjoy the comfort of stylish, matching shoes for different occasions, but the problem is keeping them shining.

But it’s not a tedious task anymore! Yes, now you can keep your shoes sparkling by washing them in your washing machine, be it a fully loaded washing machine or top loading washing machine. All you need to know are some dos and don’ts before your shoes can sparkle.

What kind of shoes are washing machine compatible?

The canvass shoes, running shoes and any shoes made from cloth, synthetic materials are washing machine compatible, unless they come with specific instructions not to wash them in a washing machine.

Do not wash your leather shoes in a washing machine. Also, shoes made from rubber, suede and vinyl materials should not be washed using a machine.

Some shoes come with decorative materials like artificial pearls, beads, silk thread decorations etc. Footwear with these type of additives are also not to be washed in a washing machine.

Find out how to wash shoes in a washing machine.Image credit: Whirlpool

The right method of washing the shoes

I suggest you to rinse the shoes once before you put them into a washing machine. This removes solid dirt like mud, sand etc. and keeps your washing machine safe. If the solid particles do not go away with rinsing, use a brush to remove them.

Remove the lace before putting the shoes into washing machine.

Insole, the part which is inserted inside the shoes for comforting the legs, should also be removed. It can be cleaned easily. Just rinsing in soap water makes it clean. Also it’s better to dry the insole separately.

Similarly, it’s also better to use liquid detergents or dissolve soap powder and then add it to washing machine.

Washing machine should be set to a ‘delicate’ wash without heating water. If you are not happy with the result, you can wash one more round which will certainly make your shoes clean.

It is also advisable to use mesh-bags, and the one with larger mesh would be suitable for shoes. These bags protect the shoes from damage.

It is also good to include some cloth while washing shoes to prevent them from hitting the container as it keeps rotating during the wash cycle. Another thing to note here is to not use cloth which do not give out color and dust, as they may get deposited on your shoes.

It is not advisable to use dryer or spinner for shoes. To make them dry fast, you can wrap them in some old cotton cloth, which will absorb the water content. This makes your shoes dry faster.

Finally, understand that things may be a little different when you’re washing shoes in a semi automatic washing machine, but mostly only to the extent of the differences between it and the other types of washing machines.


I am sure this article brings a bright smile on the faces of many people, especially those with kids. Washing the shoes of kids is a tedious job as they keep playing outside and get their shoes dirty very often.

Washing your shoes in a machine is a great relief for such mothers and also for bachelors who find washing a tedious and boring job.

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