6 Best Fully Automatic Washing Machines in India (July 2021 Updated)

A fully automatic washing machine can take a lot of challenge out of one of your most common and time-consuming daily chore – washing the clothes. As it’s fully automatic, it will take care of the entire washing process on its own, demanding little to no efforts on your part.

However, there seem to be tens to different fully automatic washing machines on the market. It’s important to make sure you choose the one that best fits your needs, as it’s an expensive purchase, and something you wouldn’t want to make another time in the near future.

So with that said, here’s a look at the 3 best fully-automatic washing machines in India.

LG 8 kg 5 star Fully automatic front loading washing machine (FHT1408ZWL)

If higher price isn’t much of an issue for you and you’re looking for the truly best fully automatic washing machine, then this model by LG is certainly for you. The 5 star energy rating of the machine ensures energy efficient operation.

One of its most highlighting features is the 6 motion direct drive technology that cleans your clothes properly while taking utmost care of the fabrics. This feature enables different wash programs according to different types of fabric and delivers powerful washing performance.

In addition to that, the turbowash technology along with allergy care feature washes off all the dirt and germs from your clothes using steam while also saving time.

best fully automatic washing machine in India

It also comes with a fuzzy logic feature that selects the most suitable wash program by detecting the load with the help of sensors. Furthermore, the wash drum tumbles itself after the spin cycle to prevent crumpling of clothes.

This washing machine is Wi-Fi enabled and allows smart remote control operation through ThinQ app. The self-diagnosis feature allows users to troubleshoot problems at an early stage before they get worse.

There are some other great features too, such as the auto restart function that removes the hassle of turning on the washing machine after a power cut.

However, the front loading style of the washing machine poses a problem to elderly people and people with back problems as they have to bend down for putting clothes into the drum.

Overall, this washing machine brings a lot to the table in terms of functionality and efficiency, while keeping the electricity bills short even when running for long hours.

LG offers 10 years warranty on the motor and 2 years warranty on the unit.


  • Vibration-less and noiseless operation
  • Support for both hard and soft water
  • Operates at 1400 RPM, ensuring a fast washing process
  • Less water consumption
  • Comes with anti-slippery stickers to prevent vibration during operation
  • Comes with an in-built heater as well
  • Great aesthetics
  • Made in India
  • Surprisingly easy to install
  • Excellent after-sales service


  • Users don’t have the option to customize wash cycles
  • Doesn’t come with wheels for easy movement

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Panasonic 7 Kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (NA-F70LF1HRB)

The Panasonic NA-F70LF1HRB offers a great value for money as it brings the best of functionality and performance to the table at a surprisingly affordable price.

One truly remarkable feature of this washing machine is the turbo drum that cleans your clothes without being too harsh on them. In addition, the tub clean and tub dry features enforce hygienic washing by preventing the growth of bacteria on outer side of the drum.

Furthermore, the aquabeat technology ensures strong washing performance while saving water, energy and time.

Just like our top pick, this washing machine too comes with smart diagnosis feature, auto-restart function and fuzzy control technology to offer ease of use to customers.

Best top load fully automatic washing machine in India

The closing door is also designed in a unique way to be more convenient, produce less noise when being used, and most importantly, safe for the fingers.

Availability of 8 wash programs is an advanced functionality to have as well in this price range as you would be able to set the ideal washing process for different types of clothes.

Finally, the machine also comes with a magic filter that collects the lint even when the water level is low. Panasonic offers 2 years warranty on the unit and 10 years warranty on the motor.

To top it all off, the installation is surprisingly easy. All you need to do is spend some time watching a couple YouTube videos on installing this machine and you will likely be good to go.


  • User-friendly display
  • Great build quality
  • Works with hard water as well
  • Operates at 680 RPM
  • Water magic flow provides effective washing performance
  • Offers ease of use
  • Comes with a child-lock
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Low vibration and quiet operation
  • Good customer support


  • Short length of inlet and outlet pipe pose a problem to some users
  • Doesn’t come with Wi-Fi capability

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Bosch WAK24168IN 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Bosch 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine is, according to our research, one the best fully automatic front loading washing machines in India. Coming with a capacity of 7 kilograms, this washing machine has an energy consumption rate of .99kWh and a water consumption rate of 47 liters.

Its active water is equipped with multiple load sensing levels and thus senses the weight of the laundry and the fabric that has been put for washing, which allows it to automatically adjust the water level. This helps you not have to worry about the changing requirements for the water level.

Another very important feature of this washing machine is its anti-vibration design which reduces vibration of the machine, during washing cycles, to a nil; thus ensuring greater stability.

Low vibration means that that the noise level is low – as low as 49db – in fact. After all, there’s a reason customers across India have been praising this machine for this feature.

The machine also uses Vario drum technology which is gentle on the clothes and yet tough on the stains. So your clothes come out cleaner, yet as soft as ever after every wash. If you have forgotten to add a cloth or need to remove something that you have already added, you can also add or remove clothes fairly early into the cycle.

The Bosch 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine is perfect for areas where the water pressure is low as it is able to work even on low water pressure of .3 bar. It is also ideal for areas which experience power fluctuations and power outages as it has a “volt check” function which is designed to deal with such issues.

In fact, after a power interruption, the machine is able to resume its washing from the last cycle. It also has a drum clean technology which removes the lint and toxic residues that accumulate in the drum. The drum thus remains disinfected and gives a more hygienic and cleaner result.

If you have a small child at home, this washing machine is perfect for you as it has a child lock feature too. You can lock all the keys of the machine and thus prevent your child from changing the settings. Forget all your washing worries by investing in this washing machine.

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Haier 7.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (HWM75-707NZP)

Designed and made in India with a solid build quality, the Haier HWM75-707NZP ranks right among the best fully automatic washing machines in the budget price range.

However, despite the budget price tag this machine offers a surprisingly powerful performance and some impressive advanced functions. This machine comes with an oceanus wave drum that allows powerful and gentle cleaning of clothes through strong water flow. Also, the storm pulsator paves a way for effective cleaning of clothes without causing them to entangle.

Another major feature of this washing machine is the two bionic magic filter. This filter provides hygienic cleaning by collecting lint and dirt residue from your clothes.

Equipped with softfall technology, the machine ensures complete safety for the users by preventing the lid to drop and facilitates soft closure.

It washes clothes in water pressure as low as 0.001 MPA, which would really come handy for people living in areas with low water supply.

Other salient features of this washing machine include baby care function, quick wash mode, fuzzy logic and much more.

Finally, it operates at 800 RPM and comes with 2 years manufacturer warranty on the product and 10 years warranty on the motor.


  • Noiseless operation
  • Easy to use
  • Quick wash mode ensures complete operation within 15 minutes
  • Superb design
  • Excellent customer support
  • Value for money
  • Low water consumption
  • Made in India
  • Comes with 8 wash programs


  • No wheels at the bottom
  • Inlet and outlet pipe are short

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Samsung 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WA65A4002VS/TL)

This washing machine is another gem which comes with various advanced features and is the perfect solution for a family of 3-4 members.

It comes equipped with centre jet technology that prevents the clothes from entangling at the centre and improves the wash quality with a jet of water that emerges from the centre of the pulsator. With a diamond drum, the machine prevents the fabrics from getting tapped and damaged.

In addition, the air turbo system allows you to dry your blankets and woollens rapidly in humid weather by rotating the drum fast during the spin cycle.

The eco tub clean function removes dirt and residue from the tub without using any harmful detergent. It also notifies the user when tub requires cleaning. A user mentioned how he was advised by the technician to use a glass of vinegar for cleaning the tub.

Other features of this washing machine include magic filter, auto restart function, child lock safety, quick wash mode and monsoon mode that minimizes the drying time of clothes during monsoons.

Finally, it operates at 680 RPM and comes with 2 years warranty on both the product and the motor. The customer service is great too.

A particular customer mentioned in their review that the customer support executive did a lot of handholding when they had some questions regarding installation.


  • Comes with a rat mesh
  • Strong washing performance
  • User-friendly operation
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Noiseless operation
  • Monsoon dry feature helpful during rains
  • Filter is easy to remove and clean
  • Comes with 6 wash programs
  • Works with hard water as well
  • Helpful customer support


  • Machine gets heated up during the monsoon spin cycle.
  • Large water consumption
  • Drain pipe is short in length
  • Small detergent tray

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Whirlpool 7.5 Kg 5 Star Royal Plus Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WHITEMAGIC ROYAL PLUS 7.5)

Our last washing machine on this list may turn out to be the best for some buyers. Being priced affordably, this washing machine is classy yet functional with its 6th sense smart technology and array of features that give a run to some of the much more expensive options on the market.

Moreover, the power scrub technology along with spiro wash action washes off all the dirt and stains and provides a uniform and thorough wash every time.

Other highlighting features of this washing machine include:

  • ZPF technology helps in filling the tub 50 percent faster even when the water pressure is low.
  • 123 wash feature allows you to operate the washing machine with ease.
  • Hard water wash technology senses the type of water and adapts the wash cycle accordingly.
  • Express wash is a go to feature for working women as it helps them to complete the washing task quickly by reducing the cycle time.
  • Delay wash option allows you to program the wash cycle in a set time period so that you can start it later.
  • Aqua store feature comes handy for people living in areas with water storage. This feature allows users to store water for the next wash.
  • Auto tub clean function cleans inner walls of the drum by reusing the water used in previous wash cycle.

Finally, the machine boasts a 5-star energy rating and helps people save at least 2 buckets of water in every wash. It’s an excellent option for families with 4-5 members and offers ease of use.


  • Boasts 740 RPM
  • Low energy consumption
  • Impressive design
  • Comes with 12 wash programs
  • Great after-sales service
  • Silent operation
  • Child lock available
  • 2 years manufacturer warranty
  • Magic lint filter saves manual effort by collecting the lint from clothes

Cons :

  • Absence of wheel stand makes it difficult to move it around
  • Small length of inlet and outlet pipe
  • Relatively higher cost of installation

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How We Choose the Best Fully Automatic Washing Machine in India?

Well, to some users, it may also be important to understand the important criteria to be taken into consideration when choosing a fully automatic washing machine, or any best washing machine for that matter.

Top Load vs. Front Load

This is an obvious factor, but may not even matter much to many users. However, it’s still one of the fundamental differences between different fully automatic washing machines, and does deserve a bit of thought.

As you might know already, it’s recommended that elderly people or those with chronic back pain issues choose a top loading fully automatic washing machine. It will not require them to bend down when loading their laundry into the machine, so their back won’t have to take any stress.

However, if you don’t have any of these issues, then a front load washing machine may turn out to be a better option for you. More on that in a bit.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity is another factor that should be given some consideration, especially for large families. If you’re a family of 4 or more people, you would want to go for a machine that offers a capacity of at least 7 kg, preferably 7.5 to 8 kg.

If you choose anything less than that, you may have to run the machine twice to do all of your laundry. But we don’t recommend that option as usually the difference in price between a machine offering a lower capacity and one that offers a capacity of 7 kg or more is not too significant.

Wash Quality

Perhaps the most important feature. Not all washing machines are created equal.

You need to make sure the machine you’re looking to buy is capable of offering a superior quality of wash. The problem with machines that do not offer a very high quality of washing is that they end up leaving some dirt on the clothes, and can’t wash them as properly as you would like.

However, the ones we picked above offer an excellent wash quality. Our top pick – the LG FHT1408ZWL in particular – offers an amazing wash quality and every cloth you put into it comes out surprisingly clean with no traces of dirt whatsoever.

On that note, front load washing machines actually tend to be better when it comes to the wash quality than their top loading counterparts. So if the wash quality is of paramount importance to you and you don’t mind the bit of bending down when loading your laundry, you may want to go for a front loading fully automatic washing machine.

Energy Efficiency

We agree that the energy efficiency isn’t as important a feature for a washing machine as it probably is for an air conditioner, but it’s not worth completely avoiding either.

After all, if you tend to use your machine every day and typically have a lot of laundry to do, then the energy costs may make a considerable amount of difference over time.

All you have to do is just check the energy star rating here. A rating of 5 is obviously stellar and the most energy efficient, but a 4 star washing machine won’t be too much burden on your pocket either.

Wash and Dry Speed

This is one factor that many users often ignore, but it can turn out to be more important than you may think. This is especially true for families that are usually pressed for time, as having to wait a long time for the washing process to complete may not suit their schedule.

The same goes for drying too, of course. As fully automatic washing machines are designed to do both the washing and most of the drying too for you, it’s also important that they do it fast enough for you.

The RPM (Rounds Per Minute) is the metric you want to look at here. For instance, the best fully automatic washing machine that we picked above offers an RPM of 1400, meaning you would get the fastest washing and drying cycle you possible could.

Wash Programs

The number of wash programs can go a long way in improving your overall experience with your washing machine. Some of the best washing machines out there come with a number of different wash programs designed to meet different needs.

Some machines can even detect the type of fabric of your clothes and suggest you the ideal wash program accordingly. These advanced features not only help ensure a better quality of washing, but also prevent any kind of damage to your clothes and make them last longer.

Features and Functionalities

As we mentioned above, these days the better washing machines offer much more than just plain basic washing. The ones we have picked above offer a variety of different features that can truly transform the entire wash process and help you get much better results with all aspects of your washing.

Let’s take our top pick, the LG FHT1408ZWL, for example. It offers Wi-Fi connectivity, translating to a completely hands-off washing set up, while also a lot of convenience as you can start the washing cycle while returning to your home from office.

Then there are some other cool features like an in-built heater and steam as well, which can really come in handy during the winter season.

Likewise, the other best fully automatic washing machines on our list offer different advanced features and functionalities too, and we believe these features are worth taking into account as well when making your decision.

Build Quality

Last but certainly not the least, the build quality is something you would not want to ignore either. After all, having a lot of advanced features and functionalities is good, but what if the machine gets damaged after a few months of use or ends up getting a big dent just because of being hit with something gently?

A superior build quality would ensure that the machine would last you a really long time, helping you get the most bang for your buck.

That’s all from us. We believe this in-depth, comprehensive guide on choosing the top fully automatic washing machine is going to a useful resource for you when making your purchase decision.

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