IPG Found the Best Top Loading Washing Machine in India!

How to define the best top loading washing machine? Simply put, it’s an electronic machine that relieves you of a dramatic episode of cleaning dirt and drying the laundry, as well as comes with a smart sense to know when to start, stop and resume automatically after a power cut.

With that short introduction, let us walk you through the best top loading washing machines in India.

LG 6.5 kg T7581NDDLG

First things first, let us tell you that the LG 6.5 kg T7581NDDLG is one of the more expensive top loading washing machines on the market. You can find another 6.5 kg top loading machine even within 14,000 rupees, while this one will cost you considerably more.

So why is this machine our best option on this list? Well, it’s simply because we think that a washing machine is a one-time investment — and you must prioritize other more important factors over the price — instead of going for a cheaper option.

While it’s a bit on the expensive side, it comes with some very useful features that other cheaper models lack. It also boasts a smart inverter technology, meaning that you will probably never have to worry about its durability for a very, very long time to come.

It also comes with the auto-start feature, meaning that it will automatically resume the wash cycle in the event of a power cut, so you don’t have to start it all over again. People in urban areas may not find to be a big deal, but those in the less developed areas with frequent power cuts know how important this feature would turn out to be.

However, something more important is the wash quality, as that’s what you’re getting a washing machine for in the first place. But you will be pleased to know that this machine offers an excellent wash quality.

It has different wash modes for washing different types of clothes, including a normal and a jeans mode. Of course, the jeans mode would be a more intense washing operation, removing the toughest of the stains from your jeans.

Surprisingly, however, customers that bought this product mention how they can’t even notice it when the machine is running, even when they set it at the powerful jeans mode. This is because it’s completely silent, and wouldn’t cause any noise at all.

With a RPM of 700, you can expect both quick washing and drying. The powerful motor and smart fuzzy operation further add to its effectiveness and functionality.

Finally, it’s also incredibly easy to use, and the technician that comes over to install it will also provide you with a demo to learn everything you need to know to operate it.

Unless you really need to go with a cheaper option or a machine with a higher capacity, there’s no reason to not choose the LG 6.5 kg T7581NDDLG.

IFB TL-SGDG 7 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine


The weight of clothes that can be easily washed in one cycle is 7kg; remember that will be the wet weight and two blankets can be easily washed together!

Being fully automatic – which is one of the most in-demand features – is what sets this machine apart from the others. This machine washes, spins, air dries and gives you neat clothes ready to cram up in your cupboard, all on its own without requiring any intervention from your side.

Wash Programs

There are eight different wash programs embedded in the machine that control the washing cycle, the rotations, and the intensity with respect to the material of the clothes being washed. This level of control makes it very easy for you to get a custom washing experience, without putting in much effort at all.

Water Inlet Selection

This IFB Washing Machine is manufactured in such a way that the drum can automatically use hot water to wash your clothes, if you’re after a better level of cleaning. All you need to do is connect it to a hot water supply source.

The cold water inlet is also provided which can be connected to an external cold water tap.

Triadic Pulsator

The machine gets its unique cleaning system from this pulsator which ensures thorough cleaning from all angles, letting no collar or side strap go unwashed.

It comes with a soft scrubber, and a center machine pushes to extract all the heavy dirt from the clothes. The pulsator is responsible for extra draining of the clothes thereby reducing the draining time and increasing the drying time.


We want everything to be smart. Well, washing machines are smart as well now.

The IFB washing machine can resume the wash cycle back to the stopped point following a power cut and you don’t need to worry about the manual settings going back to the defaults ones, which helps save time, energy and water all at the same time.

A much-needed smartness indeed!

After the wash

The drum dryer technology is efficient in keeping the drum clean and dry, paving the way for a much better level of durability.

The lint filter accumulates and strains all the threads and lint residues after a wash, which you can easily clean and improve the overall life of some of the components of the machine.

Finally, with all these features, there’s little doubt that the IFB TL-SGDG is not only the best IFB washing machine, but also the best option when it comes to top loading options.

Godrej 6kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing machine

This washing machine can handle 6kg of weight, which is pretty good at this price point, and certainly enough for most households in India.

Let us discuss in detail some of the highlighting features of this washing machine.

Fuzzy Logic 

This machine would be a great fit for a family of four and the time taken to wash the laundry would depend on the kind of fabrics, the load, and the water level selection. This smartness of the machine is known as the fuzzy logic which even determines the time required to complete the whole washing cycle.

Three water level 

The machine comes with three water levels and three different wash programs.

Control Console is fully automatic, a much-in-demand feature, but you’re getting it in this machine at a very affordable price.

Water Inlet is cold water and there is no provision for the hot water inlet that comes in the IFB 7kg fully automatic top load washing machine.


This machine embeds the pulsator technology that spins in 360 degrees leaving no stain visible in the clothes. This provides a gentle yet efficient wash.


One common issue that a washing machine owner often encounters is the tangling of the clothes in the crests of the drum. The Godrej washing machine combats this issue with an auto-balance system that prevents the clothes from being tangled during the different washing cycles.

Price range

The price of Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 12,000 is a very affordable price range for a washing machine which is efficient, simple in design, robust build quality, high-quality plastic drum with no issue of corrosion, and comes with plenty of great features.


As the Godrej Washing machine is basic in design, the machine cannot resume the wash cycle if there is a power cut during the process. You would be back to square one if there’s a power cut and have to start the wash cycle all over again.

However, this is something that should only worry users living in areas with frequent power cuts; in urban cities this shouldn’t really turn out to be much of a problem at all.

Finally, the friction noise which is present in most of the washing machines is also common here during the spinning.

IFB 6.5kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Aqua Washing Machine

IFB is the most sought-after Indian company delivering the needs of easy washing to middle-class households in India.

The price for this machine is considerably higher than the Godrej one we reviewed above, but you do get much more value for it so it can certainly be well worth it.

The wet weight of the clothes it can handle is 6.5 kg which is useful for a small family of four to five members.

It comes with six wash programs that lower the washing time depending on the type of material used to wash the clothes.

It does manage to offer a much better level of washing experience through programs such as:

Soak: The clothes can be soaked depending on the intensity of the dirt and fabric. Clothes like jeans need more soaking.

Wash: This program washes the clothes thoroughly as the machine drum has a crescent moon design that promises a better washing of the clothes.

Spin: During the spin process, there will be vibrations of the machine leading to slight noise. For the longevity of the machine, the company has installed a bubble leveler that helps in balancing the machine during the vibrations.

Rinse: Any detergent that might be left behind in the clothes is rinsed out during this process. However, it requires the machine to be filled with another round of clean water from the external tap.

Warranty: The company provides a warranty of four years on the machine. But the warranty service period can be extended by purchasing the warranty-extension separately during the purchase, the cost for which has been mentioned below:

1-year extension on the warranty period (you will get a warranty of 5 years on the machine) for Rs. 1000.

A 2-year extension on the 4-year original warranty period, meaning it will be increased to 6 years, for a price of Rs. 2000.

Child Lock: A home with kids is a place of laughter and sunshine, and for the safety of our children, electronic machines need to be safe. The IFB washing machine has got an option of child lock making the product a lot safer and reliable as your hyperactive kids won’t be able to mess with the settings.

Smart Machine: We want everything to be smart, right from the people we communicate with to all the things that make our life easier.

Power cuts being common in India, this machine provides protection against it by having a feature that helps it resume the wash cycle from right where it was before the power cut. The same goes for any variation in the voltage stabilization as well. The machine pauses until voltage has stabilized and then resumes its washing.

That said, however, if the area you reside has heavy power fluctuations, it is always better to install a wattage stabilization unit into the washing machine.

Sturdy Built

The plastic built of the washing machine is of high quality and the crescent moon drum is also made the same material and there’s no worry of corrosion.

But if the machine would be made to use hard water for the washing frequently, it is better to install a water softener so that the hard water won’t leave the limescale residue behind.

Schedule a time for laundry even in your absence

Spending time on laundry to operate the machine and having your presence is not required thanks to the fact that this machine offers a Time delay option to set the time to start your laundry wash even when you’re not around.

Tangling of clothes 

This is a small issue faced after the wash as a few clothes might get entangled to the floor of the drum and a bit of an effort and some patience is required to pull them out.

Whirlpool 7 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (360 Degree Bloomwash Ultra 7.0, Graphite)

Whirlpool is an old giant that has been a pioneer in producing many commonly used appliances in India, and washing machines are no exception.

The Whirlpool 7 kg Fully- Automatic Top Loading machine does cost more than most other options, but it would work great for large families and has many advanced features that more than justify its seemingly high price tag.

It’s also voted as one of the best washing machines in India for the features it brings to the table such as:

360 Degree Bloomwash Technology

This helps the clothes to be washed thoroughly in all directions by a gentle swirl inside out in the sturdy drum.


Different kind of materials such as sensitive baby wash clothes, whites and other similar types of clothes are washed, rinsed and dried with much care.

Heavy duty wash for jeans comes handy when you’re dealing with stubborn stains.

Woolen, sarees can also be washed without much hassle.

In-built HOT water supply.

To get rid of the toughest of stains from the clothes, the option of built-in hot water is a boon with a built-in heater inside the machine.

Drying is never complete unless exposed to a few minutes in the sunlight. But the power dry option (which is not a standard option in the machine) can be set manually for complete drying of the clothes.

There are actually many more features that are worth discussing in detail, but we would just link out to its product page on Amazon so you can read the rest yourself. However, let us say one last thing that you would be hard-pressed to find the combination of superior washing convenience and effectiveness that it manages to offer.

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