6 Best Top Loading Washing Machines in India at Different Price Points (2021)

How to define the best top loading washing machine? Simply put, it’s an electronic machine that relieves you of a dramatic episode of cleaning dirt and drying the laundry, as well as comes with a smart sense to know when to start, stop and resume automatically after a power cut.

With that short introduction, let us walk you through the best top loading washing machines in India.

LG 9.0 Kg T90SJSF1Z

First on our list is the LG 9.0 Kg Smart Inverted Loading Washing Machine. We have included this machine on our list as the Amazon reviews show what an amazing product this is.

This washing machine is designed with smart inverter technology, reducing the amount of energy used to help keep our planet green and save you money. The washing machine is 100% automatic, thus, washing your clothes no longer needs to involve scrubbing or rubbing! Sounds convenient, right?

Here is a detailed list of the amazing benefits of this machine:

  • Fully-Automatic – Washing laundry is a chore as it is, so finding a washing machine that can do all the hard work will help you get more work done around the house! The LG 9.0 Smart Inverter Top Loading Machine is fully automatic, leaving you with the best wash quality, all while saving water and energy!
  • Large Capacity – Large families often have a hard time finding a washing machine suitable for their needs. Making several laundry piles can become annoying and energy-draining. Thankfully, the LG 9.0 Smart Inverter Top Loading Washing Machine is designed with large families in mind! The machine comes with a 9.0 Kg capacity, perfect for throwing in a big load of laundry!
  • Manufacturer Warranty – When investing in a washing machine, you need one that will be reliable and durable. LG’s top loading washing machine comes with a 2-year comprehensive manufacturer warranty, as well as a 10-year motor warranty so you won’t need to worry about finding a laundry machine for many years to come!
  • Many Modes – Not all clothing needs the same treatment, and that is why the LG 0.9 Kg Smart Inverter Top Loading Washing Machine comes with a number of different washing modes. The cleaning modes available include prewash, normal, tub clean, aqua reserve, turbo wash and gentle (for wool and saree). No matter your clothing type, there is a cleaning mode to help!

It operates surprisingly quietly, making virtually no noise at all. It boasts a powerful motor, which ensures a great level of durability while also translating to a powerful wash for your dirty clothes.

Best fully automatic top loading washing machine in India


It comes in an innovative design with an attractive look, but also some impressive additional functionality. Unlike other machines, you won’t have to worry about banging the door shut as it’s designed in a way to shut slowly at its own pace.

Auto restart and Tubclean are some of the other features that caught our eye as well. If the budget is not a constraint for you, then you will probably not be disappointed with the LG T90SJSF1Z.

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Samsung 6.5 kg WA65A4002VS/TL

Second on our list is Samsung’s 6.5 Kg Top Loading Washing Machine. This machine has countless 5-star reviews on Amazon showing how satisfied buyers are. We believe it’s the best top loading washing machine under 15,000 in India.

Finding a washing machine that combines “affordable” and washing quality is hard to find. Thankfully, the Samsung top loading washing machine combines these two factors, thus, making it one of our three best top loading washing machines in India.

This Samsung washing machine is not only affordable but also comes with some of the most advanced washing machine features, leaving buyers shocked with the quality of the cleaning done by this machine. We’ve created a list of the top reasons to consider purchasing the Samsung 6.5 Kg Top Loading Washing Machine. Here it is:

  • High Spin Speed – While the advantage of having a machine that spins fast may not seem obvious at first glance when shopping for a new washing machine, the spinning speed is, in fact, a big factor. Thanks to the 680 RPM spinning speed of the Samsung 6.5 Kg Loading Washing Machine, clothes can dry faster.
  • 6 Washing Programs – The flexibility of this washing machine is one of the favourite features of previous buyers. This Samsung machine comes with 6 washing modes, allowing you to clean all kinds of clothing with the specific cleaning method that it requires. This way, you can avoid damaging your clothing!
  • LED Control Panel – Another cool feature that comes with the Samsun 6.5 Kg Top Loading Washing Machine is its LED control panel. Whether you have plenty of lighting or limited lighting, the LED control panel will allow you to see all of the machine’s settings, and use all of its features.

It’s one of the few truly automatic top loading washing machines in India that you can buy at a modest price of under 15,000.

Some customers mention in their reviews that despite being a much cheaper machine than other comparable options it doesn’t cause any damage to the clothes even when washing the more delicate, softer clothes. Moreover, it works surprisingly well at removing stains, even those that you would have a hard time removing with hand-washing your clothes.

You can expect the clothes to come out about 80% dry on the normal mode, which is also pretty quick. If you choose the normal+monsoon mode for 15 minutes, however, they will come out about 90% dryer.

If you go for the best normal+monsoon mode at 30 minutes, they will be almost completely dried, say about 95% dry.

There are some other useful features as well, including a child lock and an in-built voltage protector. Honestly, this is all too much to have at this price point.

If you’re looking for a budget top loading washing machine, you just found one!

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Whirlpool 6.5 Kg STAINWASH PRO H

We had no choice but to include this top loading washing machine on our list as the features that it has to offer are simply amazing!

The team at Whirlpool believes in saving water, and that is why this machine is designed to save up to 2 buckets of water compared to competitor washing machines with every load! Beyond that, this Whirlpool machine has so much more to offer, which we will clearly explain in our list of the favourite features offered by this product.

  • 12 Cleaning Modes – Beating all of the other washing machines on our list, the Whirlpool 6.5 Kg Top Loading Washing Machine comes with 12 unique cleaning modes. Included in these modes are daily, heavy, delicates, eco wash, whites, hard water wash, aqua store, woollens, rinse + spin, bedsheets, wash only, and spin.
  • Built-In Heater Technology – The Whirlpool 6.5 Kg Top Loading Washing Machine is one of the best on the market as it comes with built-in heater technology. This system allows you to heat water at three different levels, including warm, hot, and even allergen-free! This is the perfect washing machine for those with allergies.
  • Dynamix Technology – Ensuring your detergent and water are mixed properly is important for getting cleaner clothes. Thankfully, the Whirpool washing machine solves this problem thanks to Dynamic Technology, ensuring water and detergent are properly mixed prior to cleaning your clothes.

Just like the other top load washing machines above, it’s fully automatic and doesn’t require any kind of manual work or intervention. However, it takes its fully automatic washing capabilities up a notch when it offers a fully automatic hot water wash as well!

A particular customer mentioned it works great with hard water as well. It also has the auto resume feature so if you experience power cuts in your area this would turn out to be a nice little useful feature for you.

If the Whirlpool brand name inspires confidence in you like the millions of its customers in India, then click the link below to check it out on Amazon.

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LG 6.5 kg T65SPSF2Z

First things first, let us tell you that the LG 6.5 kg T65SPSF2Z is one of the more expensive top loading washing machines on the market. You can find another 6.5 kg top loading machine even within 14,000 rupees, while this one will cost you considerably more.

So why is this machine still on our best options list? Well, it’s simply because we think that a washing machine is a one-time investment — and you must prioritize other more important factors over the price — instead of going for a cheaper option.

While it’s a bit on the expensive side, it comes with some very useful features that other cheaper models lack. It also boasts a smart inverter technology, meaning that you will probably never have to worry about its durability for a very, very long time to come.

Then there’s the turbodrum as well which not only promises a much superior durability than most other machines but also a cleaner, more powerful wash.

It also comes with the auto-start feature, meaning that it will automatically resume the wash cycle in the event of a power cut, so you don’t have to start it all over again. People in urban areas may not find to be a big deal, but those in the less developed areas with frequent power cuts know how important this feature would turn out to be.

However, something more important is the wash quality, as that’s what you’re getting a washing machine for in the first place. But you will be pleased to know that this machine offers an excellent wash quality.

It has different wash modes for washing different types of clothes, including a wool and Saree mode. Of course, there are also some more intense and powerful modes if you want to get rid of some tough stains on your clothes.

Surprisingly, however, customers that bought this product mention how they can’t even notice it when the machine is running, even when they set it at the more powerful modes. This is because it’s completely silent and doesn’t make any noise at all.

With a RPM of 780, you can expect both quick washing and drying. The powerful motor and smart fuzzy operation further add to its effectiveness, functionality and durability.

Finally, it’s also incredibly easy to use, and the technician that comes over to install it will also provide you with a demo to learn everything you need to know to operate it.

Unless you really need to go with a cheaper option or a machine with a higher capacity, there’s no reason to not choose the LG 6.5 kg T65SPSF2Z.

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Here’s another fully automatic washing machine that offers a very powerful wash and quite a few advanced features.

The weight of clothes that can be easily washed in one cycle is 7kg; remember that will be the wet weight and two blankets can be easily washed together!

Being fully automatic – which is one of the most in-demand features – is what sets this machine apart from the others. This machine washes, spins, air dries and gives you neat clothes ready to cram up in your cupboard, all on its own without requiring any intervention from your side.

Wash Programs

There are eight different wash programs embedded in the machine that control the washing cycle, the rotations, and the intensity with respect to the material of the clothes being washed. This level of control makes it very easy for you to get a custom washing experience, without putting in much effort at all.

Water Inlet Selection

This IFB Washing Machine is manufactured in such a way that the drum can automatically use hot water to wash your clothes, if you’re after a better level of cleaning. All you need to do is connect it to a hot water supply source.

The cold water inlet is also provided which can be connected to an external cold water tap.

Triadic Pulsator

The machine gets its unique cleaning system from this pulsator which ensures thorough cleaning from all angles, letting no collar or side strap go unwashed.

It comes with a soft scrubber, and a center machine pushes to extract all the heavy dirt from the clothes. The pulsator is responsible for extra draining of the clothes thereby reducing the draining time and increasing the drying time.


We want everything to be smart. Well, washing machines are smart as well now.

The IFB washing machine can resume the wash cycle back to the stopped point following a power cut and you don’t need to worry about the manual settings going back to the defaults ones, which helps save time, energy and water all at the same time.

A much-needed smartness indeed!

After the wash

The drum dryer technology is efficient in keeping the drum clean and dry, paving the way for a much better level of durability.

The lint filter accumulates and strains all the threads and lint residues after a wash, which you can easily clean and improve the overall life of some of the components of the machine.

Finally, with all these features, there’s little doubt that the IFB TL-SGDG is not only the best IFB washing machine, but also the best option when it comes to top loading options.

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IFB 6.5kg TL RSS

IFB is the most sought-after Indian company delivering the needs of easy washing to middle-class households in India.

The price for this machine is considerably higher than the Godrej one we reviewed above, but you do get much more value for it so it can certainly be well worth it.

The wet weight of the clothes it can handle is 6.5 kg which is useful for a small family of four to five members.

It comes with six wash programs that lower the washing time depending on the type of material used to wash the clothes.

It does manage to offer a much better level of washing experience through programs such as:

Soak: The clothes can be soaked depending on the intensity of the dirt and fabric. Clothes like jeans need more soaking.

Wash: This program washes the clothes thoroughly as the machine drum has a crescent moon design that promises a better washing of the clothes.

Spin: During the spin process, there will be vibrations of the machine leading to slight noise. For the longevity of the machine, the company has installed a bubble leveler that helps in balancing the machine during the vibrations.

Rinse: Any detergent that might be left behind in the clothes is rinsed out during this process. However, it requires the machine to be filled with another round of clean water from the external tap.

Warranty: The company provides a warranty of four years on the machine. But the warranty service period can be extended by purchasing the warranty-extension separately during the purchase, the cost for which has been mentioned below:

1-year extension on the warranty period (you will get a warranty of 5 years on the machine) for Rs. 1000.

A 2-year extension on the 4-year original warranty period, meaning it will be increased to 6 years, for a price of Rs. 2000.

Child Lock: A home with kids is a place of laughter and sunshine, and for the safety of our children, electronic machines need to be safe. The IFB washing machine has got an option of child lock making the product a lot safer and reliable as your hyperactive kids won’t be able to mess with the settings.

Smart Machine: We want everything to be smart, right from the people we communicate with to all the things that make our life easier.

Power cuts being common in India, this machine provides protection against it by having a feature that helps it resume the wash cycle from right where it was before the power cut. The same goes for any variation in the voltage stabilization as well. The machine pauses until voltage has stabilized and then resumes its washing.

That said, however, if the area you reside has heavy power fluctuations, it is always better to install a wattage stabilization unit into the washing machine.

Sturdy Built

The plastic built of the washing machine is of high quality and the crescent moon drum is also made the same material and there’s no worry of corrosion.

But if the machine would be made to use hard water for the washing frequently, it is better to install a water softener so that the hard water won’t leave the limescale residue behind.

Schedule a time for laundry even in your absence

Spending time on laundry to operate the machine and having your presence is not required thanks to the fact that this machine offers a time delay option to set the time to start your laundry wash even when you’re not around.

Tangling of clothes 

This is a small issue faced after the wash as a few clothes might get entangled to the floor of the drum and a bit of an effort and some patience is required to pull them out.

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How to Choose the Best Top Loading Washing Machine?

There are many factors that go into choosing a washing machine, be it a fully automatic top loading washing machine or choosing the best fully automatic washing machine in general.

So let us take a quick look at some of the most important factors that will help you narrow down to a particular washing machine that fits the bill the best for your needs.

Weight Capacity

It’s an obvious factor but very important to consider all the same. After all, the weight capacity of the washing machine determines how much laundry it will be able to do in one wash cycle.

If you have a large family and your washing machine offers a lower weight capacity, then you may have to run it twice to complete your laundry. This will not only lower the lifespan and durability of your machine (as it will have to operate twice as much as it otherwise would), but also result in wastage of energy and water.

To get a little specific with weight capacity suggestions, we believe a weight capacity of at least 6.5 kg is necessary for a family of 6 or more people. Ideally, you would want to go with 7 kg or more.

Wash Quality

What can be a more important factor for a top load washing machine, or even a semi automatic washing machine for that matter, than the wash quality of the machine?

Under normal circumstances, many washing machines may seem to offer a similar quality of wash. However, you will start noticing a difference when you try to wash clothes that are dirtier than usual or, more importantly, have ended up getting some stains.

Not all washing machines would do the same kind of job in these situations. In fact, it’s common for many users to have to wash the stained parts of their clothes again after washing them in their washing machine.

You may not have to do this if you go with a powerful top load washing machine that’s capable of removing tough stains, even if you have to use one of its more intense wash program.

Wash Programs

Just like pretty much every other appliance, washing machines haven’t remained the same either. Earlier, they used to come with the basic functionality of washing your clothes in just one simple way.

However, it has become much different now. These days you have some of the better washing machines out there offering multiple wash programs for different clothes and different needs.

A normal wash program, then perhaps something for delicate clothes, a wash program for more intense washing and getting rid of tough stains, a monsoon mode for faster drying and so on.

If you fancy having all these different functionalities, then you must go for a top load washing machine that offers many of these different wash programs.

Durability and Warranty

The durability of the machine is a factor often neglected by users, but we think that’s a mistake. Similarly, we believe it’s better to invest in a better, higher quality washing machine even if it costs more than something cheaper that may be prone to frequent repairs, maintenance costs and damages.

The quality of plastic or material used to make the outer body of the machine is important as well. It may not be directly related to the durability of your machine, but if you happen to put to mistakenly bang something on the body it may develop a deep dent if it’s not strong enough.

As far as the overall quality and durability is concerned, the warranty is going to be a good indicator. Most of the top load machines we reviewed above offer a good period of warranty, so that you can have the peace of mind that you’re covered in the event of something wrong with your machine.

Many of them even offer an option of extending the warranty by a period of 1 year or so by paying an additional cost, which may be worth it for some users, especially those that experience power voltage issues at their home or have to use hard water which may put more pressure on the machine’s motor.

Energy and Water Efficiency

Well, energy efficiency is not a factor important only when choosing something like the best inverter air conditioner. It’s important when choosing a top load washing machine as well.

A 5 star rating obviously means you’re going to have a good bit of savings in electricity costs every time you run the machine. Over a long period of time, these small bits are going to add up and may make a considerable difference.

Similarly, the water efficiency can’t be ignored either. In a country like India that faces major water shortage issues, wasting too much water unnecessarily is not recommended, even if you live in an area with no water issues.

Needless to say, if you live in some of the rural areas with limited access to water, then you would have to take this factor much more seriously.

There are more factors, but these are the most important ones and should help you make an informed decision. If you have any questions, feel free to let us know in the comments section.

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