Haier 5.8 KG Front Loading Washing Machine Review

The Haier washing machine is a fully automatic machine with features such as fuzzy logic and double level spin that are also some of the latest and most advanced features you can find in only some of the best washing machines in India.

Who is this machine for?

This is a small capacity washing machine with a wet weight of 5.8 kg is ideal for bachelors and couples. As one small load goes into a single wash, everyday laundry is better.

Insight to the features Washing Machine

Fully Automatic Machine

This is one of the best fully automatic washing machines in India and there is no need for transferring the clothes to a different drum for drying. There is a single drum and air-dry option is available to dry the clothes.

The Dimension

Length- 21 inches

Width- 22 inches

Height- 33 inches

Much Needed Programs

The washing machine comes with impressive features such as Quick for a quick wash; switch on a machine and get the clothes washed in twenty minutes

The machine also spins and washes the clothes depending on the fabric of the material that is loaded.

Depending on it, the machine decides whether the clothes needs a vigorous wash or gentle swirl. This makes the usual task of cleaning your washing machine much easier.

Cotton, synthetic and wool are some of the options

Rinse and Spin

This option is used after the wash, where the clothes are thoroughly rinsed and spinned at a speed of 1000 rpm.

Rpm refers to rotations per minute; the greater the rpm, the greater the drying capacity as well as less time for the drying process.

A 1000 rpm machine is bound to have some noise; the noise while spinning is measured to be 70 dB but the drying is done completely.

Motor Overheating Protection

As the spinning rpm is quite high, there might be chances of the motor getting overheated. But the machine provides a motor overheating protection as well for longer durability and to ensure perfectly efficient cleaning.

Fuzzy Logic Control

This is one of the extra features found in this model that is lacking in other machines in the budget price range.

Fuzzy logic is where the machine controls the water level according to the clothes load.


The drum is completely plastic yet robust. It provides corrosion free drum, while making the machine compact and portable.

There is no worry of the clothes being entangled after the wash as the machine provides quadra flow of water.


There is no separate inlet for the provision of the detergent or fabric conditioner into the machine. Hence the powder sprinkles unevenly on the clothes.

The capacity is less but the features are quite good.

The drum body is made of plastic and hence no hot water wash is available.

There is one other glitch that can be a little disappointing. The water level once set and started cannot be changed to add in more clothes and water. You need to the restart the machine again to change the settings and water level.

The noise level while spinning is one disturbing thing, 70 dB is quite a concern.


The warranty given by the company is two years on the product and five years if there is any issue with the motor.


This is a compact, fully automatic washing machine best suited for couples and bachelors. It comes with a budget price tag but is just as functional as some of the other much pricier washing machines on the market with some limitations.


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