Does Window AC Consume More Electricity?

While many modern models of air conditioners have emerged recently, window ACs still remain fairly popular, thanks to some of the unique advantages they offer. For people short on space in their home or office, they hardly have much of an option than to go with a window AC.

But the electricity consumption tends to be a very important factor too. After all, an air conditioner that’s not energy efficient can lead to a steep increase in your energy bills.

Is a Window AC Energy Efficient?

Well, the short answer is it depends. This is because a window AC by itself is not less or more energy efficient. In fact, it’s just as energy efficient as a split AC in many cases.

But the real difference boils down to the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of the air conditioner. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) rates air conditioners from 1 star to 5 stars based on its energy efficiency which is basically the EER, and there are window ACs that both manage to get a higher rating and that get poorly rated by the BEE.

In addition to that, the voltage of your AC would also be an important factor. If the voltage is same between two different ACs though, then the EER would determine which of the two is more energy efficient.

In other words, a lot depends on the individual model you’re looking to purchase, than it just being a window AC. And on that note, the models we have picked as the best window AC in India are some of the more energy efficient options you will find on the market.

This Voltas 1.5 ton AC on Amazon is one of the most energy efficient window AC with a 5 star energy rating.

How a Window AC is Different – Window AC vs. Split AC

That said, a window AC is definitely very different than something like a split AC. The biggest difference is that while a split AC has two components making up the air conditioning system (which is how it gets its name, too), a window AC is just a single unit. This is also the reason window AC is often preferred over a split AC for rooms where there’s a shortage of space.

That’s not saying a window AC is a winner hands-down. In fact, far from it. A split AC typically offers a much quieter operation than a window AC, although a well-maintained window AC won’t give you a hard time with its noise either.

Window AC energy efficiency guide

A split AC is also more aesthetically appealing while a window AC can be a bit of an eyesore – especially in rooms with a modern design – but the former is also more complicated to install.

However, if you’re fine with ditching these two options if you find a more energy efficient option than these both, then check out our best inverter ACs in India, as they tend to be some of the most energy efficient options you will ever find.

Factors to Consider

Whether a window AC will consume more electricity or not, may very well depend on a few different factors. Many of these factors are common for all types of ACs in general, though.

Size of the Room

This is obvious but the most important factor. The bigger the room the more electricity your AC would need to cool it.

Some of the best ACs in India not only manage to keep large rooms cool with ease, but they are also “smart” enough to reduce their energy consumption once the room is cooled and requires less cooling.

Heat Level of the Room

The amount of cooling required to cool a room is directly proportional to the heat being generated in the room. And while you may not be actually generating heat, every person tends to give out some heat which the air conditioner needs to take care of.

So again, the more the number of people present in the room, the more the cooling required and the electricity consumed.

LED Lights vs. Traditional Lights

One of the lesser-known factors is that the type of lights installed in the room. As LED lights tend to give off much less heat than the traditional light sources like halogen lights or incandescent bulbs, a room with LED lights would cool faster than one with traditional lights.

This would obviously affect the amount of electricity your air conditioner has to consume.

Number of Window

Even if the window are closed, some amount of cooling would constantly pass out through them, which paves the way for a more demanding condition for your air conditioner. Well-insulated window may prevent this to quite an extent, though, but you may not find this to be the case with most Indian households.

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