Here’s the Best Window AC in India You’re Looking For

A window AC is a very unique type of air conditioner that’s designed to serve a very specific type of consumer. However, choosing the right window AC is far from an easy task.

But you’re lucky that you’re reading this, as we have found and reviewed for you the 3 best window ACs in India.

Voltas 1.5 Ton 185 LZH 5 Star

Voltas is one of the biggest and oldest manufacturer of domestic and industrial refrigeration and air conditioning products. Voltas LZH 185 is equipped with a very effective copper coil on both its indoor and outdoor side. This makes it a much more effective option when compared to its competitors.

With a cooling capacity of 1.5 ton, it cools down the room with average dimensions 12’×12’×10’ within 4-5 mins on startup. It is BEE 5 star rated Air conditioner and consumes around 1600 watts of power while compressor operates at around 15% less compared to that of 3 star window ACs.

It comes with remote and LCD display so as to help the user keep a track of the current temperature set, mode and more. This Voltas AC has various modes like large LED mode, which is particularly useful if you have old people in your house.

It features functions like, self-diagnosis, energy saver, glow light etc. which makes it very user friendly and economic. It is made up of high quality polycarbonate body which is very sturdy, shock resistant and durable.

The rated noise level is 54 decibel which is surprisingly quiet for a window AC. It’s a single piece unit unlike split AC and that makes it very convenient for people who live in rented house or have transferable job.

However, this portability comes at a cost. For any window AC, one has to get a special wooden frame installed which may additionally cost an extra 1000 to 1500 rupees.

All in all, this is the best window AC under Rs 30,000. Voltas offers 5-year warranty on this product which comprises of 1 year warranty for entire unit + 4 year additional compressor warranty. For the first year the customer also gets 3 free service which is very useful. After 1 year one may get it serviced for nominal cost. Having copper coil, it is easy to service and repair.

Voltas 1 Ton 122 LZF 2 Star

Voltas 122LZF is a great addition to the family of window air conditioners from Voltas. With copper condenser, this is one of the most effective ACs in the segment of 1 ton window ACs.

Its cooling capacity of 1 ton makes it ideal for the room size with carpet area around 140 sq.ft. and 10 ft ceiling height. Although it is rated 2 stars by BEE, it consumes same power as that of 1.5 ton 5 star AC which is more or less 1600 watts.

With simplistic but effective instrumentation, it features turbo mode to cool down the room very rapidly on startup. Voltas 122LZF is equipped with self-diagnosis mechanism owing to which even the user can determine the exact nature of problem if any arise during operation. The energy saver feature is a boon specially when the cost of electricity is one of your worries. The anti-dust filter and silver nano technology assures you always get purified air, which is great for people living in highly polluted cities like Delhi.

This window air conditioner comes in with a remote to provide additional comfort. The buttons of remote glow in dark which makes it easier to locate during sleepy hours.

To summarize, this air conditioner at near to 20k cost is a bang for a buck. It comes with a 1 year entire unit warranty + 5 year compressor warranty. Three free services are provided by Voltas for first year.

With very elegant facade and minimal instrumentation clusty, this is AC is fit to be used by small offices, hindered room, or a bachelor accommodation.

Needless to say, low upfront cost of this air conditioner makes it even attractive if you are looking for low duty low cost air conditioner. With the reliability of Voltas and operational ease, this air conditioner is definitely one of the best AC in India, especially if you’re after an all-round window AC.

Mitashi 1.5 Ton MiWAC153v35 3 Star

Mitashi has been one of the leading companies in the consumer electronics market. However, it has just ventured in the market of air conditioners. For a new player, it comes loaded with a ton of functions and features.

First of all, the cooling capacity. The Mitashi MiWAC 153V35 is a 1.5 ton air conditioner. It can cool up to 180 sq.ft. of area with normal ceiling height up to 10 ft.

It is rated 3 stars by BEE 2018. Both evaporator i.e. indoor side and condenser (the outdoor part) of this AC is made of copper which enhances the heat transfer rate and thus the overall cooling. All copper internals not only enhance cooling but also make it robust, reliable and easy to maintain.

The indoor coil is lined with hydrophilic material to promote dehumidification action.  The Mitashi MiWAC 153v35 is equipped with a crystal clear digital display to inform user about set temperature, mode, fan speed etc. A few of the presets like turbo mode, sleep mode and power saver mode add greatly to the overall user experience.

Turbo mode helps in cooling down the room instantly by running compressor and fan at full speed on startup itself. Sleep mode is peculiarly useful if you are into the habbit of setting AC temperature too low and then falling asleep.

In sleep mode, AC automatically increases the set temperature by 1°C every hour making your sleep even more cozy. Power saver mode is another feature that people that want to save on the power costs would really appreciate.

Antibacterial filter associated with suction of this AC ensures pure air every time you turn on the AC. It is a boon especially for people who have allergies.

If you are worried about recurring power cuts in your vicinity and you constantly have to rush for the remote every time power resumes, this AC is just for you. It is equipped with auto start mechanism which restarts AC every time power resumes and sets exactly the same mode and set temperature on which AC was already running.

Last but not the least, this AC comes with 5 year compressor warranty and one year full unit warranty. At sub 25 k cost, this unit is a must buy if you are looking for balance of moderate cooling load and price.

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