Hitachi AC Review – the 3 Best Options!

Hitachi is one of the most popular brands when it comes to air conditioners. However, it doesn’t seem to offer as big a range as some its bigger competitors like Voltas or Blue Star.

But while it may not feature in our list of the best ACs in India, it can certainly be a good choice for those looking for a quality AC at a fairly affordable price.

So let us walk you through these Hitachi AC reviews to help you find the best one for your needs.

Hitachi 1.5 Ton AC (Copper RSOG518HDEA Gold)

The Hitachi Inverter Split Copper AC is a good buy under the best 1.5 ton split air conditioners. As the name itself suggests, it comes in Golden color with ornamental looks.

The air conditioner comes with remote control, one outdoor and one indoor unit, along with batteries. The unit body is made from plastic material with an anti-bacterial coat.

Efficient with Innovative Features

A dehumidifier and air purifier are also provided along with a dust filter and vertical swing. The remote has a built-in light for easy operation during night times.

The dust filter not only prevents dust but also helps in getting rid of bacteria thus avoiding bad odors. The energy efficiency of the system will be better resulting in better overall performance.

Hitachi 1.5 ton 5-star AC

The auto-restart feature ensures the settings of the AC do not get changed in case of sudden power loss. Once the power supply is back, AC starts working with the previously set features.

The initial time taken for cooling is about 10 minutes, which may be a little long, but thereafter it works smooth.

The product comes with an option of ‘Silent mode’. In silent mode, the AC works in reduced efficiency. Noise may be high and disturbing without silent mode.

The 5-star translates to best in range energy savings for you, which is pretty good given the powerful cooling and all-round great features.

Powerful Operation

The area covered by this AC is 150 sq.ft or a hall or room of dimension 10 ft x 15 ft. If it is more than this the cooling may not be effective.

This Hitachi Air Conditioner works without a stabilizer and is efficient even during low voltage. There is an indicator to show that the mesh needs cleaning.

The main feature that we miss in this AC is the temperature display in indoor units. It does not have a heating facility.

The installation is done fast and there are offers of free installation sometimes which you may get. You need to purchase some materials like the drain-pipe, stand, and cable for installing the unit.

The after-sales service is sometimes a bit of a problem with Hitachi, but that seems to be common with pretty much every AC brand out there so that isn’t a deal breaker.

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Hitachi 1 Ton AC (Copper RSFG311HCEA Gold)

The Hitachi 3 star inverter split AC, an indigenous product, comes with an indoor unit, one outdoor
unit, connecting pipes as required, remote control and an user manual.

It’s not the best inverter AC in India you will find on the market but it’s a great value at this price point.


It is white in color and has a nice, decent look. It’s made from plastic material, it weighs about 30
kgs and looks cool on the walls.

Main Features

It is an energy-saver model with very less noise. The capacity of the AC is 1.5 ton which is a
good pick for a room of size 110 to 150 sft.

The unit comes with anti-bacterial coating, dust filter, dehumidifier and air filter. Required batteries are provided along with the unit. There is an indicator to show that the mesh needs cleaning.

The Auto-restart feature helps the AC to pick from the point where it is left during power breakdown. This means you do not have to adjust your personalized settings again.

This model comes with copper condenser coils which reduces the cost of maintenance and
improves cooling efficiency. Corrosion of copper is slower comparatively which gives longer life
for the AC.


Installation is done by the company. Some parts like brackets for mounting on the wall, copper
wire, groove cutting will be charged extra. Check how much the charges are before buying.


  • Impressive cooling for the price
  • Noise is on the lower side
  • 1-year warranty on the AC and condenser, but 5 years for the compressor
  • Copper pipes included in the unit
  • Auto restart
  • Automatic speed adjustment for the fan
  • Condenser coils are made of high-quality copper
  • Timely delivery by Amazon
  • Copper condensers are repairable in case the need be


  • No temperature display on the indoor unit
  • Some units ship with some missing parts needed for installation like brackets
  • The installation service is often not as good as you would like
  • It can be a little noisy when running at the highest setting
  • Installation is charged separately
  • Although Hitachi doesn’t insist on using a stabilizer, using one would be safer

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Hitachi 1 Ton 3 Star Window AC (RAW312KWD Kaze Plus White)

This 1 ton Window AC from Hitachi is just right for those who are looking for an economical cooling. It is effective for rooms upto the size of 100-110 sft. only. This is an existing model, only the model number has been changed but all the other specification remains the same.

The box comes with AC Unit, remote control, user manual and warranty documents. We would say it’s comparable to some of the best window ACs in India.


This AC comes in white color, compact in size at 22” x 15” x 24”(w x h x d), weighs 43 kgs. and has user friendly features.


This is a 1 ton AC which is efficient in cooling and works surprisingly well even in high temperatures up to 520 Celecius. The auto start mode saves your settings and starts with the same settings after power comes back.

On/off features makes it hassle-free to use. The unit is provided with silver ion filter which effectively removes not only dust but also bacteria and other micro organisms. The sound is not disturbing and keeps the room cool throughout.

This AC is provided with moisture removing facility which is good for humid regions. It comes with warranty of one year from the manufacturer and five years warranty for the condenser.

There is a filter cleaning indicator which shows when filters need attention. This feature saves power and efficiency of the AC.

Being a window AC, it is easy to install and easy to dismantle making it a good pick for those who keep moving.

Pros of this Window AC

  • Auto Restart mode
  • On/ off timer
  • Moisture removal feature
  • Efficient Dust Filters
  • Vitamin C filter to manage skin from drying
  • Filter cleanliness indicator
  • Copper tubes and pipes which are long lasting
  • Easy installation


  • No heating functionality
  • Compressor problem encountered sometimes during high temperatures
  • No in-built stabilizer
  • No provision for fresh air entry
  • Wouldn’t work as well for bigger rooms
  • After-sales service is not to the expected standards

As there is no in-built stabilizer, it is good to use an external stabilizer.

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