Canon EOS 6D Camera Review

Canon EOS 6D is a professional DSLR camera that comes with some very unique features, and a lot of versality and portability. All of which makes it a great professional DSLR camera.

While it isn’t the best DSLR camera in India as you can see here, it still is a great option for those on a budget. So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the highlighting features of this DSLR.

Technical features

  • 2 MP
  • ISO range- 100 to 25600
  • DIGIC 5+ image processor
  • Lithium ion LP-E6 rechargeable battery
  • 11-point AF system
  • Built-in Wi-fi and GPS

This camera in the Canon series is a great photography equipment as it offers a variety of features any other considerably more expensive professional camera would offer but at a surprisingly affordable price.

Let’s take a detailed look at all the aspects of the canon EOS 6D.


The camera is available with 20.2 MP quality embedded with a CMOS sensor that takes the best intricate pictures in any scene adjusting to the brightness and the color background scenes.

The image output is highly superior and captures fast moving objects with great clarity.


This camera is custom made for the videographers. The videos can be recorded continuously without any interruption as the inbuilt 8GB memory will be split automatically to 4 GB and continues with the recording.

It also comes with the improvised sound recording adjustments to make it a more customized option for videographers.

High ISO sensitivity

It is known that higher the ISO range, the more noise you would end up with in your pictures. On the flip side, it also allows you to take better images in low light.

The Canon EoS 6D has high ISO sensitivity ranging from 100 to 25600 which further can be expanded to 102400; however, it still manages to deliver very balanced images with great brightness but little to no noise.

Candid Customization

The camera is loaded with customization features that helps the photographers tweak their creativity and explore the difficult areas. The autofocus mode itself has different features comprising of

One-shot AF

AI servo AF (using Artificial intelligence)

AI focus AF

Smart Camera

The prominent feature in this camera is the installation of the Artificial Intelligence into a few functions.

In the AI servo AF mode, you can capture two pictures and prioritize the images to save.

The artificial Intelligence is used in HDR mode and metering.

Intelligent Metering

The shades of the colors, the play with lights are accurately measured to enhance the performance of the camera and capture the High-quality images.

High Dynamic Range- HDR mode

This mode is an eye-catcher of the camera where in three photos of the same landscape of varying brightness and lights and later combined to a single amazing image with the finest combination of the three with the perfect blend and visualization of the picture. So, in this mode you can basically control the backlight of the image or landscape.

Handheld Night Scene Mode

This feature is a boon for the wildlife photographers as the night mode allows the capturing of an image in four continuous shots subtly highlighting the prominent angles and deepening the dark outlets thus obtaining a perfect picture in the low light.

Corrections Available

This camera has an additional feature that are useful for a professional Photographer.

They are peripheral Illumination correction, Chromatic Aberration Correction and Distortion Correction.

In-built Wi-fi and GPS system

The Wi-fi system allows the immediate pairing to a smartphone and upload it to the social media sites or the professional blogs or websites.

The GPS system allows the photo to be tagged with the latitude, longitude and also tracks the route the photographer took to capture the final image.


Although the camera comes with a lot of great features, there are a few expectations that were not met such as addition of a CF card slot that allows to expand the memory with the memory card along with the in-built 8GB memory.

Similarly, it cannot perfectly capture and process very fast moving objects such as sports and running animals. The Nikon D5300 would likely turn out to be a better option on this front.

Absence of the built-in flash.


The Canon EOS 6D is for the professional photographers, photo bloggers and vloggers, as it delivers a great image quality and offers a lot of customization.


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