9 Best Single Door Refrigerators in India You Can’t Go Wrong With (2021 Updated)

Okay, so you have decided that you want to buy a single door refrigerator. And while doing that, you have narrowed down your options significantly.

However, the task of choosing the best single door refrigerator in India may still not be easy, given the tens of different markets on e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart.

And if you think you need a little help with choosing the best option based on your needs and preferences, then read on as we review the 12 best single door refrigerators in India.

Samsung 2 star RR19A241BGS/NL 192 L

This is hands down the best single door refrigerator in India as far as the price to functionality factor is concerned.

Despite its two-star energy rating, it occupies the top position in our list of the best single door refrigerators because of its high cooling efficacy at a pretty affordable price.

Samsung has always been a forte in design. This refrigerator is a fusion of modern-day technology with simple crown design. The interior design features a spacious freezer and a large veggies department beneath the freezer.

The door racks are quite capacious and can easily accommodate three 2L water bottles. There are adjustable spill proof toughened glass shelves that are easy to clean and can withstand load up to 175 kg.

Another major highlight of this fridge is the anti-bacterial gasket that keeps food hygienic by preventing the growth of bacteria.

Although many refrigerators now come with automatic defrosting functionality, some still use manual defrosting mechanism. This refrigerator uses manual defrosting mechanism that allows trouble-free operation.

If you aspire to own a refrigerator that’s not too heavy on your pocket and offers all the advanced features, this is a decent option.

Finally, customers who bought this refrigerator mention how they found this product reliable and are satisfied with it. However, a few others faced an issue with the balancing of the fridge.


  • Stabilizer-free operation
  • Quiet operation
  • Uses eco-friendly R600a refrigerant
  • Unique and innovative design
  • Excellent cooling
  • Value for money
  • Comes with door lock
  • 1 year warranty on product and 10 years warranty on compressor


  • Doesn’t come with good energy efficiency
  • Ideal for families with 2-3 members
  • Average after-sales service

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Samsung 5 star RR1T2HH2WCB/HL 198 L

This refrigerator has managed to get thousands of reviews, with a vast majority of them being 4 and 5 stars. Needless to say, most customers that bought it are all praise for it.

And that’s simply because of the features that this model has to offer. The refrigerator boasts a deluxe exterior design, and stands on a base drawer that gives it a premium look.

The body has a camellia black shiny look with big flowers embodied on it that further add to the aesthetics of the refrigerator. It has a safe clean back that can be easily cleaned by the wipe of a cloth.

It comes with a digital inverter technology that not only provides uniform cooling across the refrigerator but also adjusts the speed of fan according to the cooling demand.

Just like our top pick, this refrigerator too comes with toughened glass shelves, anti-bacterial gasket and a vegetable box that keeps fruits and vegetables fresh even after 15 days.

One of the most astounding features of this model is that it can also run on solar energy if you have solar panels installed in your home. In addition, it runs on your home inverter as well. How cool is that?

This can turn out to be extremely useful for users living in areas that experience frequent power cuts.

Furthermore, the Smart Connect Inverter technology allows the fridge to run even during power outage to keep the freshness intact.

It has managed to get a 5-star energy rating as well, meaning that despite enough capacity it will be lighter on your pocket. However, this refrigerator requires manual defrosting.


  • Great performance with advanced features
  • Stabiliser-free operation
  • Base stand drawer allows to store the veggies and fruits that do not require refrigeration
  • Boasts a deluxe design
  • Noiseless operation
  • Spacious vegetable tray
  • Sturdy door and handle
  • The lamp inside the fridge provides a brighter view
  • Comes with a door lock


  • Users complain about the moisture in chiller tray
  • Length of wire cord is short

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Whirlpool 4 star WDE205ROY 4S INV 190 L

This refrigerator is among one of the best single door refrigerators in India thanks to its affordable price and low power consumption.

With a 4-star energy rating and stabilizer-free operation, it stands right there with some of the best models as far as the basic primary features are concerned.

In other words, you would save a fair amount of money that you would have otherwise spent in buying a

stabilizer. Apart from that, the refrigerator also employs an anti-bacterial gasket to prevent the entry of fungi on the food stuff.

The model uses insulated capillary technology that keeps the cooling for up to 9 hours, meaning that legumes will stay fresh for a longer duration. In addition, the Intellisense inverter technology guarantees reliability and provides energy efficient operation.

Further, in order to preserve the freshness and nutritional value of the fruits and vegetables, the crisper has a moisture latch that can be opened to allow the moisture to escape and maintain an optimum moisture level.

Let’s talk about the design. The refrigerator comes in a sapphire radiance colour that gives it a premium look. Though the interiors are spacious, the ice zone is petite.

The door has two glass racks installed which provide ample space to hold bottles of various sizes. The base drawer provides ample space to store dry items such as potatoes.

Just like our above picks, this refrigerator too has a manual defrosting mechanism for its users so that they can enjoy maximum cooling without frost formation. A user mentioned that the fridge needs defrosting weekly.

Whirlpool offers 1 year warranty on the fridge and 10 years warranty on the compressor.


  • Very popular product with thousands of satisfied customers
  • Stylish design
  • Available with quick ice technology
  • Auto connect to home inverter
  • Stabilizer-free operation
  • Great quality and performance
  • 4-star energy rating for great energy savings
  • Excellent after-sales service
  • Offers great bang for the buck


  • A bit noisy
  • Need of manual defrosting

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Whirlpool WDE 205 CLS 2S 190 L

Whirlpool offers a huge range of single door refrigerators that are both versatile and innovative. And there’s no wonder you see a Whirlpool single door refrigerator as our top pick, as it offers an amazing value for money.

While it only has a 2-star energy rating, it manages to be the best option as far as the cooling efficiency is concerned, which is actually one of the most important factors to consider when buying a refrigerator.

The high cooling efficiency not only helps in keeping the food fresh but also maintains a stable temperature in all the compartments.

Reviewing the best single door refrigerator with many advanced features

One of the highlights of this refrigerator is that makes it comes with a 6th sense power cooling technology. This technology helps in bringing down the temperature of the refrigerator in the case of power cuts or whenever its door is left open.

Nowadays, many areas in India encounter power variations for which a stabiliser is needed. However, the Whirlpool WDE 205 CLS 3S does not require a stabiliser like other refrigerators in the segment, as it has an inbuilt stabiliser.

Something you might notice about this fridge is that it doesn’t look as appealing as some of the other options on this list. However, that’s because Whirlpool has probably focused more on the functionality aspect of this fridge than the looks, which actually makes it a great choice as a single door refrigerator.

The interior design features a spacious freezer and a veggies department beneath the freezer. The door racks are spacious and can easily accommodate three 2L or six 1L water bottles.

There are two adjustable toughened glass shelves that are easy to clean and maintain the freshness of fruits and vegetables for a longer time. Similarly, they are also designed in a way as to prevent any bad odour, even when something stored in the fridge goes bad.

Another major highlight of the fridge is its removable gasket which prevents the escape of cold air from refrigerator.

Though many refrigerators come with automatic defrosting functionality, some still use manual defrosting mechanism. This whirlpool refrigerator uses manual defrosting mechanism, but it’s not much trouble to handle.

Furthermore, however, a good news for working women is that they can now invest their time in other productive activities as you have the option of using a Frost Fizz Plastic Auto Defroster.

It’s a small, compact device that prevents the excess formation of frost in the fridge. Apart from being time and effort saving, the product requires no maintenance. However, it is essential to keep in mind that for first time it is required to manually defrost and remove the water.

If you’re looking to own a refrigerator that’s not too heavy on your pocket but very functional and practical, then you likely wouldn’t be disappointed with the Whirlpool WDE 205 CLS 3S.


  • Available with quick ice technology
  • Inbuilt stabiliser
  • Advanced moisture slider that helps maintain optimum moisture for fruits and vegetables
  • Reciprocatory compressor for efficient cooling


  • Manual defrosting, but you could easily make it a hands-free operation by getting the auto defrosting device costing around 500 rupees
  • It doesn’t look very appealing

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Haier HED-20FDS 195 L

If you were disappointed with the Whirlpool WDE 205 CLS 3S’s (the product we reviewed above) modest energy efficiency and lacklustre exterior, then the Haier HED-20FDS may not fail to please you.

It’s one of the most energy efficient single door refrigerators you will find on the market – without compromising on the functionality – consuming only 153 units of electricity.

An in-built stabilizer also protects the refrigerator from voltage fluctuations varying between 135-290 volts.

Coming to the design of the fridge, it has a brushed silver look that provides it a classic finish. The well-finished body of the fridge can be cleaned just by a swipe of cloth. While the spacious main storage area, the freezer too can accommodate quite a bit despite being pretty small.

One of the most common issues associated with refrigerators is that their shelves may develop a crack when a heavy utensil is kept on them. But Haier addresses this problem with its toughened glass shelves in the HED-20FDS, allowing it to easily support 120 kg of weight.

The door is also incorporated with a special rack which can accommodate large bottles and cans easily, as well as a lower shelf that can fit smaller bottles and sauces.

Sometimes, there may arise a situation where guests arrive and you don’t have enough ice cubes in your freezer. This problem is solved by the one-hour icing technology of the HED-20FDS which allows for super-fast formation of ice cubes within an hour.

Another important feature of this fridge that needs to be taken into consideration is the anti-fungal gasket. The anti-bacterial material of the gasket helps in keeping the food disinfected and free from awful bacteria. The best part of the gasket is that it is removable and allows for easy cleaning.

Just like our top Whirlpool refrigerator, however, the Haier HED-20FDS requires manual defrosting as well. But again, as we explained above, you can easily make it switch to automatic defrosting by simply getting our recommended auto defrosting device for just around 500 bucks.


  • Child lock functionality in the fridge ensures that your children can’t mess around with the settings
  • Noiseless operation
  • A great level of functionality at a fairly affordable price
  • Super-fast ice making


  • Does not offer an option to change the location of the trays
  • Regular manual defrosting is required unless you get the auto defrosting device we recommend

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LG 190 L GL-D201ARGY

Well, there are few people in India that aren’t aware of LG; it’s one of the most reliable brands when it comes to consumer electronics.

This LG refrigerator is in our opinion the best offering from the brand in this space. It comes in an excellent design, but its advanced features and superior functionality are the main highlights.

The exterior is not only beautiful but also resistant to scratches. This will help with the long-term durability of the product.

It has a door lock and a 12-litre drawer on the bottom that can be used to store all the foodstuff and edibles that do not require any refrigeration.

The interiors don’t come with any surprises. The freezer is almost the same size as that of the Haier 195 Litre refrigerator. Beneath the freezer, there is a chill tray for dairy products.

The comparatively expensive price tag justifies itself further with the fridge coming with toughened glass shelves and moist balance crisper. The crisper helps in maintaining the moisture in order to make the items remain fresh. On the other hand, the hardened glass shelves allow you to store heavy utensils without worrying about the cracks that may develop on he glass due to the load.

The refrigerator consists of a smart inverter compressor which is useful in minimizing power consumption to just 0.5 units per day.

The main advantage of the refrigerator is its stabilizer-free operation when power fluctuations occur between 100-290 Volts. It can also be connected to an inverter to preserve the food for longer duration in case of power cuts.

Unfortunately, it too requires manual defrosting just like the other models we reviewed above. However, just like what we suggested for them, you can get around this by getting the auto defrosting device we talked about above.

Summing it up, if you don’t have much of a problem spending a bit more, then you would appreciate the amazing look and a much better level of functionality and cooling this particular refrigerator offers.


  • The solar smart feature of the refrigerator allows it to work on AC instead of DC thereby saving both time and money
  • Great aesthetics
  • Good after-sale service


  • Manual Defrosting
  • A bit expensive as compared to other refrigerators

Overall,the refrigerator is surely a decent option to buy with all the high-tech features and innovation in a single model.

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LG 190 L 3 Star GL-B201APZX

Despite the fact that it is a bit expensive, this model has been included in this list because of its superior design, quality and features such as inverter compressor technology, smart connect and low power consumption.

LG GL-D201APOX comes with a brilliant inverter compressor that guarantees uniform cooling across each compartment. To add to it, the vegetable box maintains optimal moisture levels for the vegetables so as to maintain the right level of humidity inside the crisper.

Similarly, to retain the cooling inside the icebox during power outages, LG comes with a unique feature which keeps the cooling going if you have a home inverter.

Apart from maintaining the cooling at an optimum level in the fridge, the inverter compressor technology consumes only as much power as is required to maintain the coolness. This helps in minimising the electricity consumption.

The refrigerator boasts of a stabilizer-free performance even when the voltage varies between 100-290 Volts. The smart connect feature makes the fridge immediately connect to the inverter in order to sustain the cooling in case of power cuts.

Let’s talk about the design now. The major plus point in LG refrigerators is design. Available in various colours and modern designs, the exterior looks of this refrigerator gives it a shiny steel visual appeal.

The interiors don’t surprise much. The freezer is small as compared to other refrigerators in this price range. The fridge also offers a tray for daily and other small food items. To ensure that the glass shelves can withstand load as heavy as 175 kg, they are made of toughened glass.

The three smaller holders on the door are used for holding canister, while the middle rack can be used for storing liquid stuff and small tins, with the bottom-most section being designed for large bottles.

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Whirlpool 190 L 2 Star WDE 205 2S CLS Plus

This is a classy and magnificent fridge by Whirlpool which is known for its innovation and service. The design is clean but modern and classy.

This refrigerator is suitable for a family of three to four members with a capacity of 190 L. The cooling is sufficient, and it comes with an insulated capillary cooling technology.

Of course, like pretty much all the single door refrigerators we have reviewed here, this refrigerator too comes with an in-built stabilizer. Please note though that the delivery man may tell you otherwise, and ask you to buy a stabilizer for 2000 to 3000 rupees.

Be absolutely sure that you don’t need to buy it, and the delivery man is likely just trying to make money for himself.

Coming to the toughened glass shelves, they allow you to store large, heavy utensils with ease. The size of the freezer is the same when compared to Whirlpool WDE 205 CLS 2S model.

The freezer has two ice trays that make ice very quickly thanks to the powerful compressor. Also, the transparent veggie box at the bottom controls the level of moisture to keep the legumes and fruits fresh for a longer duration.

To ensure that there is no spoiling of milk, the company has placed the milk tray just below the freezer.

The removable gasket is made from anti-bacterial material to prevent the entry of bacteria and fungi.

Although this refrigerator has only received a 3-star rating, the other features you get more than make up for it.

The refrigerator also has a provision of easy manual defrosting mechanism for its users so that they can enjoy maximum cooling without frost formation.


  • Very popular product with thousands of satisfied customers
  • The in-built stabilizer can handle a voltage range of 150 to 280 volts
  • The compressor is powerful and ensures a sufficiently high level of cooling
  • Has a plain but classy look
  • The compartments of this fridge are very well-designed
  • Zero noise – completely quiet functioning


  • Requires manual defrosting – you can use an automatic defrosting device for this though

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Whirlpool 190 L 3 Star WDE 205 CLS 3S

Despite the fact that Whirlpool 205 Genius CLS Plus has only 3-star energy rating, this refrigerator finds a place in this list because of its high cooling proficiency and budget-friendly cost.

The insulated capillary technology along with the 6th sense power cooling helps in retaining uniform cooling inside the refrigerator until 9 hours in case of power cuts.

Further, in order to preserve the freshness and nutritional value of the fruits and vegetables, the crisper has a moisture latch that can be opened to allow the moisture to escape and maintain an optimum moisture level.

However, energy efficiency is not a strength of this fridge as it consumes 203 units of electricity.

Similar to other refrigerators in the segment, it also doesn’t require a stabilizer and can withstand fluctuations between 130-300 Volts.

Available in various hues, the fridge has a door with recessed handle and a door lock.

The interior is well-designed with a spacious cooler and a dairy section right below the freezer. The door holders are quite wide and provide an ample space for keeping water bottles of various sizes.

The main disadvantage is that the LED light is quite dim thus hampering the visibility in the lower compartments of the refrigerator.

Overall, the refrigerator is a good buying option for people who frequently arrange party at their house.

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